Decarbonizing Industries

Our job is simple: finding novel, but proven technology solutions that can drive emission reductions in industries. We connect those solutions with strategic capital and market demand in Asia. We specialize in matching committed corporate partners with startups that can provide the answers to specific decarbonization related challenges.

Startups that help decarbonize

If you run a startup with a unique, proven, and scalable technology solution, we will be your partner to find new clients and to finance your growth. We are building Carbonless to be the platform of choice in Asia for leaders that are committed to tackling climate change by dramatically reducing carbon emission. Get in touch.

Matching with Corporate Partners

We pride ourselves in our ability to help our corporate partners innovate by matching them with select startup companies. Throughout the years our team helped some of the leading enterprises with both their carbon and their innovation challenges. Whilst we are delivering solutions to our partners, we also provide growth and investment opportunities to the startups we end up working with.

Aligned Network

Carbonless is a platform for a diverse group of people to work together towards a very specific mission: decarbonization. We work with experts around the world to find and validate the best carbontech solutions. In Asia, we rely on a unique network of established corporations, investors and veteran advisors to facilitate cross-border growth, localization, strategic investments and partnerships.