Carbonless Asia Forum 2021

Our first ecosystem initiative is a fully online, truly carbonless unconference organized to connect up to 100 global, regional and local leaders with the interest, capacity and dedication to decarbonize Asia. Our event has the full line-up of a high profile half day long conference, but organized with the intention to build a community of aligned individuals, not merely as a thought leadership exercise.

Media & Community

We committed ourselves to create Carbonless content with an impact and drive meaningful thought leadership with action. We are also building a global community, connecting people that can make a difference in decarbonizing cities, industries and ultimately our planet.


Carbonless is a decentralized platform for a committed and aligned group of experts in Asia that know how to scale carbontech solutions. We are actively nurturing and expanding our network of cleantech founders, scientists, corporate leaders and investors in the region and around the world. We work together on specific projects, programs, carbon opportunities and deals with our partners and portfolio companies for a carbonless future.

Carbonless Leadership Series 

A small scale, invite-only online or offline event held with the leaders of the Carbonless economy. With the intention to drive real action beyond building awareness and thought leadership around decarbonization, our guests are either specialists that provide solutions to decarbonize or leaders that are looking for such solutions.

Generation Zero

Starting in 2021, each city we operate in, we initiate a youth group that is fully committed not only to advocate, but also to apply carbonless solutions in their communities. If we want the future to be carbonless, we must empower the next generation with tools beyond words to contribute to the change.