Are you a growth-stage startup
or data technology provider with the power to radically reduce carbon emissions?

Carbonless is joining forces with MTR, one of the world’s leading mobility operators, to find novel and scalable data-driven decarbonization solutions for MTR’s all-electric metro rail systems around the globe. We are looking to work with innovative companies which can enable MTR to make strides in its carbon emission goals. Got a solution?

Work with one of the world’s leading mobility companies to help decarbonize Asia-Pacific with scalable, innovative solutions!

The Challenge

Asia Pacific generates more than half of the world’s CO2 emissions. But while awareness and corporate ambition are growing many companies are unsure how to move beyond dialogues to action.

MTR is not one of those companies. As a globally renowned mobility and property operator with a strong tradition of applying new technologies and leading positive change, it is committed to embedding sustainability into its operations, and to advancing the fight against climate change. With a global footprint encompassing Hong Kong, London, Stockholm, Sydney, Melbourne and Shenzhen, MTR’s high-tech, scalable-systems approach provides an enviable platform for startups and any mature technology company whose solutions can contribute to decarbonizing urban rail transport at scale.

Together with Carbonless startup experts and sustainability advisors, MTR is looking for data-driven solutions that enable its mobility business to become even more sustainable. The Challenge focuses on reducing Scope 1 & 2 Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions, covering all of MTR’s internal operations and its purchased electricity, steam, heating and cooling. Solutions should address all-electric light and heavy rail systems, including any assets connected with trains, tunnels and railway stations, as well as their construction and operations.

What we are looking for

Scalability will be key as we face ambitious decarbonization targets. We seek solutions that harness data, including, but not limited to AI, IoT, cloud-computing, big-data and blockchain technologies, and may also include hardware-software integrations and business model innovation. Focal areas comprise, but are not limited to:

  • Carbon Footprint monitoring, reporting, and management
  • Performance enhancement for electrical and mechanical (E&M) equipment for railway operations
  • Improvement in energy efficiency from current baseline for key equipment in underground railway stations

What we consider

Fitness & Readiness

How comprehensive and compatible is your solution? How fast can it be deployed?


How novel is the solution? What are the projected improvements compared to existing practices?

Carbon Impact

What is the scale of carbon emission reduction? Any CO2-related revenue or cost saving?


How fast can the solution scale within the organization? What are the market opportunities?


What are the risk factors of your solution? How does it address existing risks?


What is the life-cycle cost of implementation including assessment of benefits?

Why apply

This initiative is strictly about business. The Challenge offers unique access to MTR’s senior executives, representing all relevant departments that are crucial to make commitments to partnership and business decisions at the intersection of sustainability, innovation, operations and investment. Six shortlisted companies will be granted the opportunity to present their solutions. The winner will embark on a one-month co-creation process with MTR alongside the Carbonless advisory and investment team to explore a commercial proof-of-concept (POC) project and other business opportunities. For you, this means an efficient, no-nonsense fast track deal-making process, business validation and visibility associated with one of the world’s leading mobility companies.

The Timeline

We are initiating a global call for applications through October 23rd. Our jury will then go through a thorough evaluation process in early November and select a winner. Co-creation opportunities follow. If you have relevant solutions that can be applied across MTR’s global footprint, don’t miss the application deadline: October 23rd, 2021, 23:59 Hong Kong Time (UTC + 8).

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About MTR

MTR was established and exists today to Keep Cities Moving. Through its transportation network and property developments, MTR enables cities and their people to move forward and make progress. MTR is committed to embedding sustainability into its business and operations to create value for all the stakeholders. Its aspiration is to keep cities moving by managing business sustainably with best-in-class governance and helping individuals and communities thrive, while contributing to the fight against climate change. To learn more about MTR, please visit

About Carbonless

Carbonless is a rapidly growing innovation and investment platform specialized on technology solutions that help decarbonize Asia. We bring together capital, mature startups, enterprises and government entities to help build a robust regional carbontech ecosystem, facilitate growth and reach carbon targets for a cleaner future. For more details, please visit our home page.

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