We believe that decarbonization is not only essential for the world, but it is also good business for both innovators and investors as this is a trend for many years, perhaps decades to come. We decided to invest into this trend, by building our our network and partnership base, so we can provide funding for the most promising startups and most committed entrepreneurs in Asia.  We work on a referral and co-investment basis, and also facilitate government grant applications until we launch our dedicated Carbonless VC Fund. 

Investor Ecosystem

Carbonless is leading the way in sourcing start-ups that contribute to mass-scale decarbonization, but also in bringing the most relevant investor partners together. We work with growth-stage VCs, corporate venture funds, sovereign wealth funds and select family offices to channel strategic capital towards investible startups that can decelerate climate change. Our investor partners share and contribute to our goals of carbon emission reduction and in exchange, we share our network of entrepreneurs, advisors, governments and corporate partners.

Carbonless Fund I Launch in 2022

We are just preparing the launch of our first dedicated Carbonless venture capital fund. We welcome inquiries from serious, established investors that are aligned with our belief that decarbonizing and making great returns can go hand in hand.