Let’s decarbonize 
Asia together!

Carbonless and Tech For Impact are bringing together influential minds to sketch a framework for an Asia-wide decarbonization dialogue. The Carbonless Asia Forum is a lighter-than-usual virtual encounter that will explore how technology and innovation can contribute to radically and sustainably reduce carbon emissions across sectors and markets in Asia.

Who will join?

The Forum is by invitation only, limited to 100 professionals, key leaders and stakeholders across industry, technology, finance and policymaking.  All members of the Forum will act both as audience and speaker, participating not only in driving the conversation but in taking action to build and grow the carbontech ecosystem in Asia. Our amazing line-up includes:

Camille Levy

CEO APAC & China
Steam Power – GE

Elaine J. Cheung

Operating Partner

Ilaria Chan

Group Advisor – Sustainability

James Gifford

Head of Impact Advisory
Credit Suisse

Christine Loh

Chief Development Strategist

Jay Mariyappan

Head, New Energy

Nikki Kemp

Director, SDIP ASEAN
World Economic Forum

Assaad W. Razzouk

Group CEO

Peggy Tse

Upstream Officer
International Finance Corporation

Cherrie Atilano

Founder & CEO

Diane Boogaard

Asia CEO

Pat Woo

Global Co-Head, Sustainable Finance, KPMG IMPACT

Katy Yung

Managing Partner
Sustainable Finance Initiative

Richard Jones

Cambridge Sustainable Investment Partners

Nazia M. Habib

Founder & Director, RSDP
University of Cambridge

Rachel Fleishman

Head of Partnerships

Paul Ark

Gobi Partners

Alexandra Tracy

Hoi Ping Ventures

Teymoor Nabili

CEO & Publisher
Tech For Impact

Tony Verb


Mercedes Martin

Partnership & Communications
Tech For Impact

The conversation has already started!

We decided to record three panel discussions that would normally form the core of an event before the Forum. We invite all participants to watch the videos at their convenience and when we can continue the conversation and expand on the core insights when we meet on the 31st March. Please enjoy the first three sessions of the Carbonless Leadership Series, exploring industry, investment and policy perspectives in decarbonizing Asia.

Part 1: Corporate Episode

Part 2: Investment Episode

Part 3: Policy Episode


Why this and why now?

Asia is already responsible for more than 50% of the world’s CO2 emissions, and given the region’s development momentum this threatens to become ever larger. The need for action has never been greater.

However, with growing awareness of this situation, an increasing number of countries committing to carbon neutrality, there is a window of opportunity for leaders, technologists, investors and activists to make a difference.

But as yet there is no organized community in Asia dedicated to taking the necessary action. Until now.

How will we catalyze action?

We will move beyond simply pointing out the challenges of decarbonization, to creating actionable opportunities. We will identify partners, validate commitments and uncover investable carbontech start-ups, which will form part of the Carbonless.Asia innovation program series, matching scalable technology solutions with decarbonization targets by governments and leading enterprises.

What to expect?

As a true “unconference”, our agenda will be driven by our guests and their diverse voices, with breakout sessions and reflection panels viewing the issues through the lenses of policy, academia, industry, finance and the innovation economy.

Anchored by our long term goal of growing a vibrant carbontech ecosystem in Asia, we will focus on carbon targets and innovative solutions, shared pain points and potential partnerships, all geared towards solving the biggest challenges across markets, sectors, and disciplines.

Format & Rundown

This event is designed to be a refreshing change from the norm. Our quick-fire panel discussions will be practically a series of free-flowing discussions amongst all participants, topped with a sharing session by growth-stage start-ups from all over the world. We are not interested in a list of linear presentations, or in shows of intellectual entertainment.

Our only role is to facilitate conversations amongst the participants, partly to exchange ideas and best practices, but also to simply get to know each other. We would like this to be just the beginning of a diverse, growing an amazing community.

Setting the Tone

Welcome by your “unhosts”

Decarbonization Challenges by Industry
Quick-fire panel discussion with everyone in the room

Policy Perspectives
Quick-fire panel discussion with everyone in the room

Financing Decarbonization
Quick-fire panel discussion with everyone in the room

Views and Solutions from Start-ups
Sharing by innovative companies and a discussion with everyone in the room

End of the Official Agenda

Until 5:00pm
Free-flowing conversations around thematic tables

(Chatham House Rules)
For all participants that can stay on

The Carbonless Leadership Series

The Carbonless Asia Forum is the culmination of our first Leadership Series of three, focused panel discussions. Broadcast in February, these pre-recorded sessions will provide the foundation for the Carbonless Asia agenda, and precursor to Carbonless Champions’ Roundtable and Innovation Showcase, to be held alongside the 2021 Annual Meeting of the World Economic Forum in Singapore in August.

Ecosystem Partners

About Carbonless

Carbonless is a rapidly growing innovation and investment platform specialized on technology solutions that help decarbonize Asia. We bring together capital, mature startups, enterprises and government entities to help build a robust regional carbontech ecosystem, facilitate growth and reach carbon targets for a cleaner future. For more details, please visit our home page.

About Tech For Impact

Founded in 2019 in association with the Asian Development Bank, Tech for Impact is a knowledge hub that spotlights sustainable and innovative solutions for Asia’s unique development challenges, and brings them to the attention of governments, investors and entrepreneurs. For more details, please visit the official website.