Private & Public Partners

If you represent an established private or government entity with an ambitious carbon target, we are here to help. We invite you to partner with us to find scalable solutions and novel ideas through our scouting and innovation services.

Carbonless Asia Innovation Series

We are launching our corporate accelerator program series across Asia in 2021. We work with the most committed corporate and government partners in different markets to address their market-specific challenges. Our role is to facilitate the match-making and ideation with local and international experts and startups.

Monitoring, Offsetting & Trading

We help you identify the pathway to decarbonization through our industry expertise, global expert network, and access to the most recent technologies. We help you assess your current carbon practices, provide insights into relevant solutions and even help you offset your excess emission or trade your access credits.

Innovation Scouting

We help our private and public partners find startups and novel technology solutions that result in carbon-emission reduction, whether for investment or commercial partnership. We provide assistance on demand with the match-making process, we can help close deals, and we may even stay on board as a project partner until the moment of implementation.